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Online Genealogy Research Tools Offers extensive online research capabilities. It is easy to use and also offers a number of tools to share your family tree on-line. Roots web is now a part of Ancestry,com, but also offers some unique features. A free on-line genealogy website that has thousands of databases, research tools and other resources to help those with Jewish ancestry research. The information they have is quite extensive. This is a nonprofit that also offers quite a bit of research information on-line. It is backed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which has committed a lot of time, effort and research into collecting genealogical information across all religious groups. The work they’ve done is often sited by others as a very reliable, primary source of data. Geni is solving the problem of genealogy by inviting the world to build the definitive online family tree. Using the basic free service at, users add and invite their close relatives to join their family tree. All Geni users can share photos, videos, and documents with their families. Geni’s Pro subscription service allows users to find matching trees and merge those into the single world family tree, which currently contains over 80 million living users and their ancestors. Additional pay services include enhanced research tools and premium support. Geni welcomes casual genealogists and experts who wish to discover new relatives and stay in touch with family. Geni is privately held and based in Los Angeles, California Austria / Austria-Hungary - Church Archives - Austrian State archives. Austria-Hungary Genealogy: A list of the top sites for researching roots in Austria- Hungary. Austo-Hungarian Army Records: This site offers a good overview on how the Austria-Hungary empire formed and the associated impact on how/where records are kept. Slovakia Slovak Genealogical Heraldic Society Cyndis List of Genealogical Sites - Eastern Europe Slovakia & Environs Genealogy Research Strategies Poland Shoreshim: Your link to Jewish Roots in Poland United States Ellis Island: Records for people who came into the United States through Ellis Island Historical Ellis Island: Includes additional free genalogical resources. National Archives: This is a primary source of information for some of the other sites, but some records - such as Military service, can only be found here. Holocaust/Concentration Camp Central Database of Shoah Victims Names: One of the largest efforts to document all victims of the Holocaust. Auschwitz Prisoners: Includes history and the ability to search for names of prisoners. US Holocaust Memorial Museum: Includes a more extensive search feature. Holocaust Memorial Center: In Budapest, includes resources and a search engine for victims of the Holocaust. Anne Frank House: A good educational resource and Museum. JewishGen Holocaust Database Research Assistance Genealogy Research Associates: Offer custom professional research, translations and more. RootsTech: An annual summit with presentations and vendors on a wide variety of tools and family research aides.
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