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This site is the culmination of many years of research on the Pollner, Krumholz and Gross Family Tree. Along the way, I’ve met many wonderful Cousins who have shared many stories and pictures. This website is here for the family to share these stories and pictures in the hopes that we can get to know each other better and learn more about our common heritage. We’ve documented over 800 cousins spread across Europe, North & South America, Australia, Israel & elsewhere. Each major branch of the family has had one or two people who have contributed a lot of the information about their part of the family. I am hoping to expand that now so that more people are involved and can help keep the information on the family up to date. I am sure there a lot of omissions or errors here. Please speak up so that they can be corrected as soon as possible. Most frequently found names in our tree Pollner Krumholz Gross Czeisler Key historic locations Izidor Pollner and his wife, Betty Krumholz, are the oldest relatives we currently know of. They lived in Spisske Stara Ves, Austria-Hungary which is now a part of Northern Slovakia near the border with Poland. The Krumholz side of the family is from what is now Southern Poland about 5 KM from Spisske Stara Ves. Bettys given name was Babette and was born in 1834. Izidor was born in 1827. According to the 1869 Census, their Synagogue was in Ofalu and they lived in a district known as Magura. From what we can tell - Altendorf is an alternate, historical name for Spišská Stará Ves, which is now a part of Slovakia. Izidor was born in Hunsdorf, which is a also now part of Slovakia (then Austria-Hungary). Betty was born in Szczawnica, Galicien which is now a part of Southern Poland, near the border of Slovakia. At the time Betty was born, this was also a part of Austria- Hungary. These towns are about 5 KM apart. According to Ancestry.com, the 1833/1834 Hungarian Census showed a Benjamen Pollner living in the town of Hunsdorf, district Carpartan, county of Szepes. The 1836 Census lists a Binjamen Pollner also living in Hunsdorf, Carpaten, Szepes and the 1838 census has a Benyamin Pollner living in the same town. Hunsdorf is the town that Izidor Pollner was born in. The Census information at this time lists only the owner of the land (i.e. Tax payer) - so it would be interesting to do some more research on Ben to see if he was Izidors father.
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